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Failure & Faith - Part 5

Series: Failure & Faith: The Journey to the Promised Land

Speaker: Pastor Ben Kimmell

May 17, 2020
Numbers 5:1-31

Sermon Notes

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Follow Along with the Message

Failure & Faith - Part V
Num. 5:1-31

1. Personal   (vv. 1-4)

a. Skin   (v. 2; Lev. 13-14)
b. Bodily   (v. 2; Lev. 15)
c. Contact with   (v. 2; Lev. 21; Num. 19)
d. Jesus cleanses all  . (Lev. 15:31; Mt. 8-9)

2. Moral   (vv. 5-10; Lev. 6:1-7)

a.   guilt (v. 6)
b.   confession (v. 7)
c.   restitution (v. 7)
d.   for sin (v. 8)
e.   offering (v. 8)
f. Jesus paid the penalty for our  . (Is. 53:10)

3. Marital   (vv. 11-31)

a.   from irrational husbands.
b.   for innocent wives.
c.   for aggrieved husbands.
d. Jesus drank the   cup for His  .

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